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Sister Martha Mganga was born with albinism in 1963, and she suffered abuse from family members, teachers and other villagers throughout her childhood. When she was ordained an evangelist for the Anglican Church, families and children with albinism began to approach her for help.  Over the years the needs multiplied, private donors began helping, and she founded Albino Peacemakers in 2005. With partners and two new staff members she was able to expand her work to other areas of the country. In 2016 the organization was registered as a non-governmental organization, Peacemakers for Albinism & Community.  Sister Martha is the heart, soul and inspiration of Peacemakers.



Founder, Executive Director

Sister Martha attended seminary in Nairobi, Kenya from 1985-1989, when she was ordained an Evangelist in the Anglican Church.  She worked for the Arusha Diocese in various capacities until 1999, when she helped them found a branch of Compassion International. She identified 230 needy children and served as Social Worker for 14 years.  In 2013 she shifted to the Mennonite Central Committee in order to work full-time for people with albinism. Her position was funded under a special grant until March of 2018, and her responsibilities included Community Education, Health, and participating in Organizational Capacity-Building.  Sister is married, supports a large extended family in her home village of Makiba, and has adopted two boys with albinism who were at risk in their family homes.


Capacity Building & International Liaison

Terry moved to Tanzania in 2011 to work with the Mennonite Central Committee, building the capacity of local organizations. She soon became aware of the violence against people with albinism, and in 2012 MCC allowed her to work full-time with albinism-related projects.  Partners included the Mennonite Church of Tanzania, the Tanzania Albinism Society, and Albino Peacemakers. Terry has a Master’s in Social Science, and worked as a private Organization Development Consultant and Mediator for 20 years before coming to Tanzania. Terry’s term with the Mennonites ended in 2016, but she has returned to Tanzania on a voluntary basis to continue building the capacity of Peacemakers.  She returns home to the United States regularly to spend time with her family, including five children and six grandchildren, and also does speaking engagements at churches, schools and other groups to raise awareness and funding for Peacemakers.

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